What is Alfresco CMS?

What is the use of Alfresco CMS?

Alfresco is a free, open source, and open standards content management system. It is an enterprise content management system that manages websites, records, documents, images and content development of the enterprise.

Alfresco Content Management System operates equally well on both Microsoft Windows and UNIX- Linux operating systems. Alfresco CMS has been presented in three flavors:

What are the different services offered by Alfresco?

  1. Alfresco Community edition:

It is a free, open-source software application. Alfresco Community edition has limited scalability and availability for its users.

  1. Alfresco Enterprise edition-

It is a licensed, open source software application having commercial and proprietary licensing, to operate on an enterprise scale.  It offers high scalability and modulation facilities to the users.

  1. Alfresco Cloud edition-

It is a SaaS (software as a service) version of Alfresco content management system.

What are the Advantages of Alfresco?

 – Alfresco CMS uses a web-based, out of the box, content repository user interface. It makes management of web portals very convenient.

 – Alfresco CMS is compatible with both Microsoft Windows and UNIX- Linux operating systems because of its SMB (Subminiature Version B) interface. 

 – Alfresco CMS efficiently manages documents, images, records for enterprise content management.

 – Alfresco CMS is an effective tool for collaboration in team functioning.  Alfresco Share is an easy to use collaboration platform for team work.

 – Alfresco works with an integrated workflow engine for creating an approval process for content validation for contents to be used by general people.

 – Alfresco CMS has robust permission model. It allows secure access to contents in the repository, not allowing anyone to access contents without proper permission.

   – Alfresco CMS offers searching services by its robust search system to find contents through contents Metadata.

 – Alfresco CMS can very easily convert the content format from one to another, such as from Word to PDF for the process of the workflow.

 – Alfresco CMS can audit the content, set up business rules and create new versions of contents without losing the older ones.

Alfresco CMS is everything that is needed for effective enterprise content management.

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