What is Ametys CMS?

Ametys CMS is an open source Java based multi-purpose web content management system(WCMS) that integrates rich content features with an easy to use interface. The CMS comes with many innovative and rich features that are reliable, scalable, flexible and strong which enables the users to build powerful websites. Ametys CMS is suitable to all from a small single page website to medium and large enterprises and public institutions.

Ametys CMS is designed similar to the popular Microsoft Office GUI that allows the developers to wrap and bundle several features with a limited space. It can run corporate websites, wikis, blogs and portals on the same server There are many industrial companies and public administration institutes that are required to maintain different sites like events, portals, extranets, intranets and blogs and they need a multisite CMS like the Ametys.
The CMS comes with features like online survey management, newsletter, web form management, blogs and wikis, Maps, RSS Feed support, Front-0end editing, document library management, Alfresco, LDAP integration and website tools like Twitter Feed integration, comments feed and share button. The CMS was first created in 2003 and developed into an open source CMS in 2009 by Anywhere Services, a company based in France.

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