What is aPaaS (Application Platform as a Service)?

Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) is also referred to as Platform as a Service (PaaS). It is one of the most sought after cloud computing models, Infrastructure as a Service and Software as a Service. It empowers users with all vital capabilities for application development, including hardware, storage or network capacity, and operating systems, to name a few. 

An aPaaS model enables users to host software applications at a low cost. It’s popular among users for the high scalability it offers. With an aPaaS platform, teams working concurrently can work simultaneously without compromising productivity.  Users are allowed to access its services irrespective of location and time. Some examples of aPaaS model are EngineYard, VMForce, and GoogleApp Engine.

Despite such remarkable advantages, PaaS does have its downside. There is an element of vendor lock-in that must be kept in mind. PaaS is designed with developers in mind. It facilitates code deployment with no need to worry about runtime, server infrastructure, or operating system. Developers are not required to own and maintain data centers and can simply build and deploy code. The payment method of pay-as-you-use is also very convenient and cost-effective.

PaaS enjoys excellent popularity among developers since it is easy to focus all their efforts and concentration on development tasks instead of bothering about execution and management aspects. Service providers of PaaS offer greater flexibility of scaling up or scaling down of CPU power in response to traffic. PaaS eliminates the need to purchase underlying hardware or software separately. It is one of the most growing categories of cloud services. aPaaS offers a robust development platform for automating, configuring, and deploying the application in the cloud.

Is OutSystems PaaS or SaaS?

OutSystems Platform is a PaaS platform available that works as a cloud. It helps users develop standard Java and .NET applications, whether it’s on-premises or hybrid. An aPaaS platform needs complete DevOps support to run the applications. It works as an app platform as a service, a cloud computing power that enables enterprises to manage software infrastructures easily. 

Why do developers use PaaS?

Before answering why developers prefer using a PaaS platform, let us ask you some questions. Have you ever thought about what is aPaaS? Or what does aPaaS stand for? 

PaaS platforms enable developers to perform different tasks in the same environment and at the same time. They can build an application and perform debugging, testing, and hosting simultaneously on a single platform. An application as a service platform helps developers to ensure a web application runs smoothly before the release. A synchronised aPaaS platform simplifies the app development cycle. 


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