What is Border Gateway Protocol?

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is a standardized protocol designed to transfer data and information between different host gateways, and over autonomous systems on the Internet. BGP is a Path Vector Protocol (PVP), which maintains paths to different hosts, networks and gateway routers and determines its routing decisions based on it. It does not use Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) metrics for routing decisions, but only decides the route based on path, network policies and rule sets.

  • BGP is used for routing within an AS. It is then referred to as Interior Border Gateway Protocol, Internal BGP, or iBGP. Similarly when used in Internet applications, the protocol may be referred to as Exterior Border Gateway Protocol, External BGP, or EBGP. Majority of Internet service providers must use BGP to establish routing between one another.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

– Flexibility – Cloud allows users to scale up and down computer infrastructure based on business need

– Resource Pooling – Load Balancing, a unique feature of cloud computing allows users  to maximize resource usage and achieve high    availability.

– Data Security – Companies using cloud-based services, no longer need complex disaster recovery plans. Cloud computing providers   take  care of their data security and recovery requirements.

– Automatic software updates – The cloud provider ensures periodic software updates as required. The IT resources of the user no   longer  need to worry about basic patching activities.

– No Capital Costs – Most cloud computing companies operates on ‘pay for use’ model. Users no longer need to spend on capital expenditure.

– Environment Friendly – Research  has proved that cloud computing reduces carbon footprint of organizations and individuals   significantly.

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