What is Cloud Native Application?

Cloud Native Application refers to a type of computer software that natively utilizes services and infrastructure provided by cloud computing providers. Cloud Native Applications exhibit a combined usage of the three fundamental technologies:

1) Computational grid

2) Data grids

3) Auto-scaling on any managed infrastructure

The term Cloud-native refers to the solution developed and deployed using cloud-based technologies. They are hosted on a cloud and remotely managed. Cloud-native applications use the cloud for several purposes, which includes managing, testing, and deploying the applications. In other words, they entirely run on the cloud. 

The majority of cloud-native applications utilize microservice architectures. This approach is multifaceted and represents a challenging cycle that emphasizes the journey rather than the endpoint. 

As a result, this approach focuses primarily on building new applications and updating the existing ones per cloud principles, while adopting processes and services which are optimized for the agility and automation offered by cloud computing. 

Cloud-native applications come in two forms: 

  1. Structured platforms 
  2. Unstructured platforms

Top Benefits of Cloud-native applications

Below are some key benefits associated with cloud-native application platforms across public, private, and hybrid clouds. 

  1. Easy management 

With cloud-native, the management of infrastructure becomes easy and convenient. It started from PaaS platforms. Today it has expanded to serverless platforms like AWS Lambda. In serverless computing, you don’t have to worry about provisioning of cloud instances  or allocating storage. Serverless computing does the job for you. 

    2. Reduced costs 

Since it is an open source model, the cost is not the problem. The advanced cloud-native applications allow you run dynamic workloads. Moreover, it lets you pay per your compute time. It leads to flexible pricing by cloud-native. 

  • More reliable systems 

With modern cloud native, you can safeguard your applications from downtime. Whenever any incident occurs, you can isolate it and avoid the crash of whole system. 

So, to understand the trrue potential of the cloud, rebuild your applications using cloud native and experience the difference yourself.

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