What is DaaS?

DaaS is an abbreviated form of desktop as a service. It is a type of cloud computing service where virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is outsourced to a third party cloud provider. It is based on a monthly subscription fee model. It utilizes the multi-tenancy architecture i.e. a single application is offered to several users referred as “tenants”. The cloud service provider manages the cloud taking responsibility of data security, infrastructure upgrades, data storage and backups. The services may vary as per the needs of a tenant. The process is simple. Data is copied from the tenant’s computer to the virtual desktop at login time and vice versa at logoff time.

The advantage with DaaS is that the end-users can reach their applications and data from any location and on any compatible device. The cloud hosting provider manages all the back-end infrastructure equipment costs and maintenance, the tenant handles their own desktop applications, images and security. The tenant may outsource these works also with a higher subscription fee. The other benefits include quicker access, fast deployment, easy migration, enhanced data security and improved disaster recovery. It meets the requirements of the enterprises in their efforts to reduce the need for IT and maintaining of expensive high component PCs. The main difference between DaaS and the traditional VDI is that DaaS eliminates the tenants from the tensions of managing and maintaining the virtual infrastructure. DaaS is also more cost-effective as it frees a business from hiring IT staff and equipment. It is an ideal solution for the small and medium businesses and those that are budget constrained for a full in-house infrastructure and manpower.

DaaS is mostly compared with VDI (Visual Desktop Infrastructure). VDI deals with the technology, whereas DaaS deals with the delivery of that technology. Unlike VDI, DaaS treats technology as a service and believes in that anything can be accessed through an internet connection. DaaS caters all the benefits of VDI and simultaneously lifts the burden of the investment from the head of the end user. Together by using VDI technologies, DaaS services are delivered to the clients. Due to their advantages when used all together brings the attention of all the businesses to itself.

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