What is Data Security?

Data securityin simple terms is protecting electronic data from unauthorized access. There are various widely used technologies used for protecting electronic data. These are disk encryption, Anti-Virus, Data Backup, Data Masking and Data Erasure. Nowadays all major companies, especially IT firms are investing in their data security to ensure that their crucial data and critical assets remain safe. Having impeccable data security in place helps your business to prevent attacks, and safeguard it from ransomware and other cyber threats. 

Data security also ensures that only people within the organization have access to the data. Organizations these days need to comply with data safety regulations. For example, firms that save payment card information must keep the information secure. This is when data security comes into play. 

It can benefit your business in more ways than you can ever imagine. Even in case, your organization is not bound to follow the security compliance, then also your business must follow the standard or even upgraded data security measures. 

What are some data security solutions? 

1.Installing firewall

As a first line of defense for a network, a firewall isolates networks from one another. The firewall prevents unwanted traffic from entering the network.

 2. Antivirus

Viruses, Trojans, rootkits, and Trojan horses that can steal, modify, or damage your data are detected and removed by antivirus software.

3. Intrusion Detection & Protection System 

IPS do provide detection capabilities but are also capable of terminating sessions deemed malicious, but usually, these are limited to the most crude and obvious attacks, such as DDoS.

4. Data Backup & recovery

Make regular backups of your critical business assets so that if your server fails, you delete something accidentally, or ransomware damages your data, you can easily restore them.

You can also easily safeguard the data of your users with some other effective data security measures.


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