What is Enterprise Cloud Computing?

Enterprise Cloud computing is an advanced version of grid computing and works on the principle of shared computing resources. The word ‘enterprise’ stands for organizations, and ‘cloud’ stands for the internet in enterprise cloud computing. Therefore, cloud computing is technology-aided by the internet to help organizations manage their business. 

Enterprise Cloud computing enables various services such as servers, storage and applications to users through the internet. Unified IT operating environment that merges public, private,  and distributed clouds, permitting administrators to maintain applications and infrastructure in any cloud from a single location, is known as enterprise cloud. Cloud computing relies on resource sharing to get coherence and economies of scale. The broader concept of integrated infrastructure and shared services lies at the core of cloud computing. Its goal is to maximize the efficiency of shared resources.

Several users typically share cloud resources and are dynamically reassigned according to demand. It can use to distribute resources to users. With cloud computing, several users can use a single server to receive and update their data without buying separate licences for each programme.

What is enterprise cloud?

Enterprise cloud computing is a pay-per-use computing paradigm in which enterprises use virtualized IT resources from a public or private cloud services provider. These resources include computing power (CPU cores) servers, virtualization capabilities, data storage and networking infrastructure.

What are enterprise cloud services? 

Enterprise cloud services enable simple, cost-effective access to applications and resources without requiring internal hardware or infrastructure. Cloud computing vendors and service providers oversee all aspects of cloud services. Through the providers’ servers, customers can access them, so there’s no need for a company for application hosting on its servers.

What are the advantages of Cloud computing for an enterprise?

Following are the benefits of cloud computing for an enterprise –

Accessibility –

Accessibility is the freedom to use the enterprise cloud anywhere and anytime. It ensures that the employees are connected to the network no matter what.


Clouds make use of multiple underlying servers as opposed to physical servers. As a result, it ensures that even if one of the underpinning servers has failed, the network continues to work.


The access to the cloud network is only request-based and password-encrypted and hence as secure as a network can be.

How do I access my enterprise cloud computing account?

Every cloud has a portal from where you can log in to your account. To do so, you need to type in the web address of your enterprise cloud. Please enter your credentials to make sure to type them correctly. Passwords are case sensitive, and a slight deviation will outright deny access to your cloud portal.

 How can I launch my cloud?

You can purchase cloud services from a provider and go on moving your data to the cloud. However, if you already have a data centre and plan to procure it as the cloud, you need to combine all the servers’ resources. Any cloud professional should be proficient enough to do so.

What is an enterprise cloud strategy?

A cloud strategy is a brief vision of the cloud’s role in the enterprise. It’s a living document that serves as a link between a high-level business strategy and a cloud migration/adoption. An enterprise cloud strategy is distinct from a cloud migration or adoption strategy. Enterprise cloud computing delivers numerous services such as storage, servers, and applications to customers via the internet.

What is a private enterprise cloud?

Business or organization uses resources of cloud computing that include in a private cloud. The third-party service provider can host a private cloud or locate physically at organizations’ on-site. Enterprise cloud services” refers to a wide range of internet-based services offered on-demand to businesses and customers. 

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