What Is ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a broad set of activities that help an organization to manage its business. The software modules of ERP assist an organization’s administrators to monitor and manage:

– Procurement

– Finance

– Projects

– Product lifecycle

– Inventory

– Supply chain

– Human resources

All of these and other mission critical components of a business are managed via a series of interconnected executive dashboards. All these facets are integrated into a single database, user interface, and application.

This software has been designed for use by large organizations. It requires the effort of dedicated teams that customize and analyze the data. The teams also manage upgrades and deployment.

A major aim of ERP is to facilitate the flow of information. This equips the business to take decisions that are data driven. Small enterprises’ ERP applications are lightweight solutions that are usually tailor made for the industry the business belongs to.  With the rise in the popularity of ERP solutions, many software applications have come up to assist managers in implementing ERP in other business activities. These often incorporate modules for business intelligence and CRM (Customer relations Management), and are presented as a single, unified package.

With more and more companies storing their data in the cloud, many ERP vendors are offering cloud-based services that perform some ERP functions.

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