What is Ethereum hosting?

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is described as an online, public, open-source, and a Blockchain-based distributed computing system and platform which features smart contracts functionality. It can also be described as a cryptocurrency and just like Bitcoin, can be used to pay for execution of contracts and also for buying services and products online. This form of digital public money can be transferred between two parties without the need of a third party like a bank. The ether based transactions are recorded in an online ledger and is monitored by network nodes.

What is Ethereum hosting?

Many hosting service providers have realized the potential of accepting cryptocurrencies and many of them have also started to accept Ether as a medium of exchange. You can buy various hosting services and related ancillary services on the web using Ethereum. They are:

1. Purchase and registration of domain names

2. Purchase of Web Hosting services

3. Purchase of Shared hosting services

4. Purchase of dedicated servers or Virtual Private Servers (VPS), and

5. Purchase of Cloud VPS

6. Reseller hosting services

Accepting Ethereum has made the services even faster, reliable, secure and cheap, and can provide more resources then one can possibly need.

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