What is Fedora VPS Hosting?

Fedora VPS Hosting is the distribution model of VPS Hosting that uses Fedora operating system to run the servers. Fedora is supported by Red Hat Linux and is designed as a collection of general purpose software that also includes an operating system. Being open source software, Fedora is available as a free distribution operating system and has cutting edge features due to its close association with Red Hat. Fedora VPS Hosting obviates the need for manual installation and maintenance because it is based on Red Hat Package Manager.

Fedora VPS Hosting comes loaded with useful features such as Mozilla Firefox web browser, Empathy instant messaging, GIMP photo editing, and a fee office suite ‘LibreOffice’. Fedora comes with no costs attached to it and provides users ability of creating word-files, spreadsheets, and so forth. In order to avail amazing advantages of Fedora operating system, one should ensure that the hosting service provider has included Fedora (Linux) in the hosting package along with a server access to facilitate manual upload. Fedora VPS Hosting is generally preferred due to its centralized support, wide range of features, and faster release pattern. Fedora VPS hosting is an ideal choice due to availability of KVM hypervisor in the package. Users are offered at least 66 GB of storage and minimum RAM of 2 GB along with the package. The requirement of Fedora VPS hosting is minimum two processors. One processor is needed for KVM hypervisor while another is needed for running Fedora.

Fedora VPS hosting being focused on desktop use, provides good compatibility with Linux desktop operating over GUI software packages. It is suitable for common desktop applications, web browsing, editing software and many more.

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