What Is Flash Web Hosting?

Today we are hearing so much about Flash and Flash web hosting.

So let us first try to understand what a Flash website is

A Flash website allows users to create animation on their web pages.

“Flash” is a technology owned by Adobe. Flash is vector animation software, primarily designed to create animations for display.

One of the compelling features of Flash web hosting is you can display photos in a slide show.

Newer versions of Flash are user-friendly allowing users to build interactive websites and applications for sites such as e-commerce store.

Some of the arguments in favor of Flash include:

•    Faster loading of movies

•    Intelligent “cache” of movies means they do have to be reloaded

•    Offers viewers a rich responsive experience

However, according to some users Flash has the following drawbacks.

•    It does not handle text very well. For those websites where text is important such as in blogs, ecommerce sites and the like Flash may not deliver advantages

•    Text rendering is slower than HTML and also less transparent

So under what circumstances Flash web hosting is useful?

Flash web hosting is an excellent choice if your primary aim is to create a presentation similar to a television promotional.

There are several hosting vendors that are offering unique customized solutions.

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