What is Foswiki?

Foswiki is a free open source enterprise collaboration platform that is suitable to businesses of all sizes with many features. It runs on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and has capability of running as a standalone software application for VMWare or VirtualBox. It comes with the WYSIWYG editor and a TML (Topic Markup Language) that makes editing and creating new content easier. Foswiki also offers enhanced protection against Cross-site requests.

Foswiki ensures better collaboration with timely sharing of information and updates. The employees can place, edit and change the page content with up-to-date information. It also allows version control and user authentication. Foswiki creates a bank of knowledgebase. It offers all the tools to store, refresh and organize and preserve all data. It offers techniques for collecting and organizing data. It allows better proficiency in collection of information from multiple sources with some advanced search mechanism. It builds an enormous stock of business information resources for knowledge creation and keeps the content organized by categorizing pages and support workflows. It offers customizable features to display the content enhancing the viewer experience.

Foswiki has a strong community of developers, users and consultants. It is an offshoot of Twiki project and comes with more improved features.

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