What is GetSimple CMS?

GetSimple CMS is free, open source content management system written in PHP programming language. It uses XML files to store the content. It is fully independent, fast, extensible and easy to use content management system.

– Page editing is fast and easy

Under the page tab you will see a list of pages. Simply click on the page title and edit the page itself, you will get options for text like bold, underline, italics etc. you can add page using button on the right similarly you can delete the page except the index page, which you cannot delete.

– File management

It is extremely simple to manage files in GetSimple CMS. There is a list of files with their size and date as well as when the file was uploaded.

– Managing your themes

You can simply manage your themes. On drop down simply select the installed theme you would like to use and on the right side there are number of options available to manage your themes.

– Plugins management

You can extend the functionality of GetSimple CMS by installing and managing plugins.

GetSimple CMS serves as a great niche for those people who are non-tech and want to fast update their sites themselves without having to depend on the developer.

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Content Management System (CMS) is basically a software that manages, creates and modifies your content for your website that does not require any technical knowledge. Hence, it builds your website from scratch and the best part is you don’t need to be involved in any of the coding parts.
Its infrastructure creates all the web pages, stores all the images and other functions.
Now let’s introduce you to the Go4hosting GetSimple CMS which stores in all the functionalities of a CMS that have been mentioned above.

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