What is HDD?

HDD short for hard disk drive is a non-volatile computer memory device that manages the reading, writing and arranging of the hard disk and stores it. Non- volatile means the device can save data even when the computer system is turned off. The computers generally have the RAM (random access memory) to store data and the hard disk drive is used as a secondary device to save the data permanently.

Hard disk drives are common in desktop computers, mobile devices and other electronic devices. It is fixed into a computer system with braces and screws to prevent it from shaking while it spins. Hard disk drive is a metal platter (disc) that comes with a magnetic coating. It has an arm that writes the new data on the platter and reads the data from the platter. The hard drive comes with a read only memory (ROM) controller board that manages the movement of the platter. Data can be stored on both sides of the platter. Each side is called a head and is divided into tracks and sectors. Data is written from the last track of the platter.

Hard disk drive was first created in the 1950’s by IBM engineers were huge in size and came with 3.75MB storage capacity. The size became smaller as technology progressed the latest hard drive that has come has a capacity of 10TB. The closest alternatives to the HDD is the Solid state drives that came into existence in the late 2000s. SSDs are much faster and have lower latency rates and more durable.

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