What Is Hybrid Cloud Storage?

Hybrid cloud storage is a method of managing and providing storage services using both the on-premises private cloud and the off-site public cloud. Both internal and external cloud applications, infrastructure and storage systems are integrated and offered using an application program interface (API) framework. The public cloud is used for archiving, backup, workflow sharing, disaster recovery and distribution. It also allows the enterprises to take advantage of the scalability and the cost-effective pay-as-you-use model features while keeping all mission critical data in the secured private cloud environment.

Hybrid cloud storage looks to overcome the concerns over latency, access speed, security and data portability. It removes the need for using any of the cloud storage options for an organization’s data. Instead, it allows the data to be stored using the in-house storage infrastructure with a Storage as a Service application, eliminating the fears and concerns of the security risk to the data in a public cloud storage a primary cause for many organizations hesitating to move their business to the cloud.

There is a misconception with many organizations that if they use both private and public cloud services, they consider it as hybrid cloudservices but it is not the correct concept. Hybrid cloud means using of both private and public cloud models as part of one single interconnected system to offer better security at lower costs. One big advantage with hybrid cloud storage is it offers a combination of both the cloud i.e.  the privacy and security of the private cloud and the affordability and scalability of the public cloud.

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