What is Lamp?

LAMP is an open supply internet development platform which uses UNIX platform Operating system or apache files for the internet server operation. The MySQL handles the electronic information service management system along with PHP files due to the object-oriented scripting languages operating across the business platform. With perl or python functioning across PH platform, all the LAMP stack function offers solutions effectively.


*  Lamp stacks are often engineered on completely separate operational platforms, as here the developers can use tools across the Windows OS rather than UNIX platform, Macintosh MAMP and a Solaris system, Lamp is a recognized programming language.

* LAMP typically signifies the “Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP,” across the typical business servers for offering best internet applications in time.

* For the “Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Python,” all the PHP/ Python programing language are handled well by the Lamp functions across the business system.

* With LAMP users can have openly operating supply internet development platform by using the UNIX platforms for the operating system.

* Apache can manage the internet server along with the MySQL programs and electronic information service management system, PHP programs having better object-oriented scripting language.

* LAMP is a prototypic model of internet service which stacks, the names of original ASCII text file components, such as the OS, the Apache protocol Server, the MySQL electronic information service management UNIX t system (RDBMS), with the PHP programing language functions.

* The LAMP elements with mostly interchangeable and not restricted functions across the first choice.

* LAMP is most appropriate and desired for building the dynamic internet websites and internet applications across the system.

Language platforms:

With Web Applications running across the prime lamp functions and handling underlying stack features offers the business elements that conjure a conventional LAMP stack as:

* Linux: The Operating system across the Linux platform makes the initial layer, then the UNIX file makes the instant stack model files. All the different layers operate on layers which are handled across the linux platform.

* Apache: The second layer across the internet servers has operating software system across the Apache internet Server. The lamp layers can handle all prime and UNIX layers, with internet servers which are liable for translating the internet browsers on to the other system website.

* MySQL: The lamp third layer is wherever databases get live with MySQL data details which are queried by scripting the website functions. MySQL typically sits on prime of the UNIX layer aboard Apache/layer two. With better off-loaded functions for hosting separate server functions.

 * PHP: The fourth and final layer is the scripting layer which consists of PHP or different /similar internet programming languages so that users have best business output.

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