What is Less Hosting?

Less hosting is useful for adding dynamic properties to CSS since it introduces operations, variables, JavaScript, and function like elements to CSS. Less is a dynamic style sheet language that can be run either on server side or user side by compiling into CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Less performs exceedingly well in VPS server hosting environment. Less minimizes the learning curve because it is a superset to CSS. Less is aimed at extending CSS language and is a CSS pre-processor.
Less enhances functionalities of CSS by adding variables and mixins that render CSS more theme-able and maintainable. Less is quite different than other CSS pre-compilers due to the fact that it helps real time compilation through less.js by the browser. Less enables functions such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication of colors and property values to facilitate creation of complex relationships between properties. Less provides cleaner structure that displays better hierarchy by nesting rules inside each other. Less is able to add nested rules, operations, variables, and functions to CSS. Less facilitates defining of variables. Less possesses special types of rule-set known as parametric mixins that can be mixed in like classes. However it accepts parameters. Less hosting facilitates use of dynamic CSS by improving ease of managing CSS.

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