What is Liferay

Liferay is an enterprise-level portal that enables corporate intranet and extranet. The open source and free CMS framework is one of the most flexible and robust platforms to develop a website in an efficient, quick, and responsive way. It allows easy access from all devices- mobile, laptop, desktop etc. and is a sturdy and reliable application for critical deployments.

Liferay is a programming interface written in Java. However, it is simple enough to enable even persons without any technical know-how to install their websites.

Some important attributes:

It provides support for different features like Wiki pages, blogs, forums, documents, calendar, message boards, web publishing etc.

The administrators can add, edit, customize, create privileges for the users directly without the need to modify the business database.

You can personalize and keep your site private or make it public as well. Liferay has its end-users well connected into several communities like forums, wikis, chat, and similar through which they provide some excellent administrative and technical support.

Liferay offers a single-click configuration through which each user can get access to a faster interface. It is simple to use with features like one-click, drag and drop options.

Liferay was first released in 2007 and now its latest stable version is the Liferay 7.0.3 released in June 2017.

Why Liferay CMS is the best for your website?


Liferay became a popular CMS and widely accepted due to its world-class construction. It’s adeptness can be proved by seeing its acceptance by world’s leading companies. These companies have been powered and supporting 24 cross 7. There are ample of reasons to support the statement that Liferay is the best CMS for you website. Here are some functions and features that Liferay provides.

–         Helps in tagging and categorizing content

–         Documenting and integrating document libraries

–         Making user directories

–         Manages users based on the distinct roles and groups

–         Also lay downs its hands in web development

–         Integrates Microsoft Office

–         LDAP integration

–         Supports MediaWiki  and Creole syntax additionally

–         Also provides polls, messages, mails, chats and calendars

–         On-time announcements and alerts

–         Supports multi-language websites

–         Helps in maintaining social equity

–         Additional knowledge bases

–         Helps in publishing several contents tagged by particular tags in no time

Hence, Liferay is not just a web development management system it is so much more than that. It supports in building robust web content with other web application portlets, gadgets and widgets. All of these features and benefits put together makes Liferay one of the best CMS available around us.

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