What is Linux Reseller Hosting?

Let us first understand what reseller hosting is.

It is an option a hosting provider offers the client to rent their space to third parties.

In this environment the hosting vendor’s customer can provide hosting to its own clients as if the customer himself/ herself were the hosting company.

Reseller hosting offers the following advantages.

•    Offers opportunities to make money by hosting and developing websites

•    You can create your own plans/ packages customized to suit customers.

•    Bill customers and sell more plans and keep profits

•    You can create independent cPanel control panels for each of your clients

Reseller hosting is becoming popular because the reseller plans are crafted to earn money and in many ways the least expensive and easiest way to launch a hosting business.

If you have already come to a decision that you need a hosting account, the question you may be asked is whether you prefer Linux hosting or Windows hosting.

To make the right decision you must first understand how you are building your site.

Linux and Windows are two types of operating systems. Among the two Linux is considered more secure and efficient than Windows, and it also has more of the features web designers expect.

Admittedly, Linux Reseller hosting has the following advantages.

•    You leverage open source technology, wherein the user does not have to pay any licensing fee.

•    It is more compatible in its scripting languages

•    Switching to a different hosting software is easy.

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