What is Linux Small Business Server?

Linux Small Business Server as the name suggest is an open source operating systems for servers that can help small businesses manage their own data center at affordable costs.

What is a Linux small business server?

There are many administrators of small scale businesses around the world who want to cover their infrastructure requirements within the boundaries of a single server. These are the administrators that are mostly targeted by small business servers.  Microsoft initiated this endeavor of small business servers and became the only available market for the same. Small businesses catering to like 10-50 employees generally need these Linux small business servers. They are designed in a way to handle the demanding needs of business applications such as network and system administration, database management and other web services.

Features of Go4hosting Linux small business server

–         Community support

–         Full data backup

–         Manual upgrade

–         Stateful inspection

–         Advanced security by firewalls and web proxies

–         Transparent proxy HTTPS

–         Open source URL filter and cloud based URL filter

–         Cloud backup and cloud configuration

–         Bandwidth monitor

–         Webmail

–         FTP server

–         Fax server

–         Fax web client

These Linux small business servers can be easily downloaded and can be installed on any your hardware. Also one can extend the server functionality as and when required.

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