What is OpenKM?

OpenKM is primarily an open source document management system that can be used by businesses of all sizes to control the production, management, storage and delivery of electronic documents offering more efficiency and opportunities to reuse the information and manage the flow of documents.

OpenKM combines all essential document collaboration and management with an advanced search functionality to offer a single easy to use solution. It builds a huge store of business information resources for knowledge creation and enhance the possibilities of improving the business environment with decision making, creating workgroups and boosting productivity through shared practices.

OpenKM allows the organization to create, maintain, utilize and place all the records in a systematic and efficient way and archiving of all business transactions and activities. Its tracking system reviews the process in which targets for activities are monitored and followed while conducting the business. OpenKM disposition is a system of retaining or transferring decisions. Destruction process involves deleting of records eliminating any possibility of recovery. Its file plan is a set of rules laid out about who will manage the records and how long they have to be retained. OpenKM has a workflow engine that defines, simplifies and guides the employees on better collaboration and coordination.

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