What is Perl Hosting?

Perl is the most commonly used programming language for variety of applications on large number of web servers. Pearl Hosting provides seamless compatibility with Perl 5.20 along with various scripts and modules. Perl hosting providers allow access to CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) that comprises of loads of frequently used modules, documentations, source codes, and extensions. It is regarded as a significant resource for developers.

Perl has been available for almost two decades and has been constantly growing in terms of user base and applications. Perl languages find their use in finance applications, graphics programming, system administration, and variety of industrial applications. Perl is part of majority of hosting packages and is used on number of operating systems such as Windows, DOS, OSX, and so forth. It is seamlessly compatible with all versions of Linux vps hosting, since Perl was originally developed for Unix.

Cloud Hosting providers usually offer limited Perl modules on entry level packages. If a user is interested to use additional modules, then a higher package is recommended. Licensing of Perl is done under Artistic as well as GNU General Public License. There are no issues with licensing due to its extensive use. There is a lot of talk about un-patched vulnerabilities of Perl and Perl Hosting provider should address the same by ensuring regular patching to prevent innocent victimization of users. Therefore, users must ensure that the host is regularly performing updates of PHP4, PHP5, and MySQL. This can also be done by checking or the methodologies adopted by hosts for ensuring security updates specifically for Perl as well as Perl modules.

It’s not easy to select the best perl hosting out of hundreds of web hosts. But we assure and meet the criteria for advanced infrastructure, daily backups, high uptime and robust security. Apart from this fast server response speeds and exceptional customer support is a service you won’t need to worry about.

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