What Is PhpBB Hosting?

PhpBB is a software solution to set up community forums and bulletin boards that allows the website owners to be in constant touch with a group of people. It is free and open source and comes with the GNU (general public license). It can be created with ease and done in a few minutes. It allows the users to efficiently and easily administer and develop and update plugins. phpBB hosting allows the website owners to encourage discussions along multiple platforms with the visitors about their products and services. It was first initiated in July 2000 and has undergone many updates. The latest version of phpBB is 3.1.9 released in April 2016.

PhpBB is among the most popular internet forum systems. It is written in PHP scripting language. It allows creation of categories, allow permissions to open unlimited forums and groups and lets them add features like smileys, word sensors, polls and mass mailing.

Features of phpBB hosting:

– PhpBB has many large communities using it.
– The software allows multiple databases to be used which lets the users not to depend on a single server but can choose from multiple SQL servers.
– They can write their own plugins with the powerful panel with modular controls that the phpBB hosting provider offers.
– Allows mass e-mailing to control and manage the hosted forums.
– Users have full control over their accounts and can send private messages and view all the updates and new posts created since their previous visit.
– You get complete administrative dedicated control panel that gives the liberty to configure and customize most of the features on the board.
– It keeps an account of all the unread posts and topics.
– It has an effective search engine spider control that allows the clients to manage their visibility and prevent them from indexing pages.

PhpBB hosting allows the businesses to post updates about new products, services and any related news on the forums. It allows visitors to post questions and discuss about their experiences with each other on the forum. This in a way generates more traffic to the website and draws the attention and comments among the visitors.

You also can put up questionnaires on the forum and request for a feedback. The visitor comments give the website owners an idea about the limitations of their products and services. This gives them an opportunity to improve upon in their future expansion plans. It also helps build more trust and confidence developing a healthy relationship between the customers and the web owners. b

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