What is PUNBB hosting

PunBB hosting is an open source and lightweight forum discussion board.  It is a PHP based software released under the GNU General public license. It is fast and small and easy to deploy application without any complicated features. PunBB requires PHP5.0 or later versions, MySQL 4.1 or higher database.

What is phpBB used for?

phpBB is used to add a discussion forum to a website where users can discuss their problems and share reviews and thoughts on services from other providers.

phpBB helps configure a discussion board called a “community forum” similar to open-source help communities.

Is phpBB secure?

phpBB is one of the most secure and popular discussion board and is considered safe for both small scale and high level deployment.

phpBB uses one of the most advanced firewall and event filtering technology and can be configured to flag spam on its own, making it one of the most reliable and sturdy platform to launch a forum with.

What is phpBB script?

phpBB or PHP bulletin board script is a lightweight PHP script that configures a bulletin board on your website with minimal efforts.

Using phpBB you can deploy a bulletin board without starting from scratch.

There are several benefits of using PunBB hosting services.

– It is suitable for businesses that want to add a normal and unassuming bulletin board to their website.

– It does not use up much of space or bandwidth or burden the server.

– It uses simple XHTML codes and does not have any complex structures.

– It is a high powered forum solution with less graphic features.

– It offers excellent security with anti-spam and flood control features.

– It gives you the flexibility to extend the functionalities by installing third-party modules and instead of stuffing up features which may not use at all.

Cheap VPS hosting services is a preferred hosting platform for installing PunBB because of its affordability, flexibility, high performance capabilities. The PunBB software comes with a one click installer that makes it easier for the webmasters. When you are building an online community you need scalable and reliable features which you can get with VPS hosting.

Why have a phpBB on your website?

As website owners, you would want to have as much user engagement on your website as can be and phpBB allows you to do just that. With a bulletin board you can stand out from the rest of your competition by allowing users to collaborate and discuss among themselves.

Is it possible to regulate content on bulletin boards with phpBB?

Yes, you may create an admin level user who will be responsible for regulating content on the bulletin boards on a regular basis. Every comment posted on the forum will have to be compulsory approved by the administrator before it makes it to the discussion.

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