What is RAP as a Service (RaaS)?

Every business, however small, has to undergo a phase of sky-soaring risks. Even businesses that don’t often take huge risks aren’t unexposed to peril. Risk testing is important because

  1. Rap services help businesses know what factors, if any, would lead to their downfall.
  2. Knowing these factors can help mitigate risks and allow the business to continue working for an added period.

The crux of the matter is that not all companies have the expertise required to access risks on their own. Due to some reasons, there might not be enough resources in hand to meet the requirements of in-house risk assessment. This is where RaaS comes useful.

What is RAP as a Service (RaaS)?

Risk Assessment Program (RAP) is a proactive service offered by Microsoft to diagnose and troubleshoot potential issues that an enterprise may come across. Microsoft RAAS is the service over the web as a RAP as a Service (RaaS). 

What is ad RaaS?

Ad RaaS or Active Directory Raas is also known as a Risk and Health assessment program as a Service. A Microsoft accredited engineer is assigned the job of collecting the data remotely from their customers. He will assess and evaluate the data collected and submit his assessment to the customers over the cloud. The information will reach the customers in an encrypted form to ensure the utmost security and confidentiality.

What is RAP Assessment?

Risk Assessment Program (RAP) or Microsoft RaaS is a Microsoft service that enables users to access their application/environment at their convenience. Microsoft Rap Assessment collects data remotely and allows users to access it from anywhere, and anytime. 

What are the issues covered in (RaaS)?

Some of the regular RaaS server issues include slow booting, screen hanging frequently, transaction speed, server crashes, and other similar issues. The client can view the result at their convenience without interrupting their work schedule.

The Microsoft engineer who is assigned the task will also review the findings and assist the client’s Technical Account Manager (TAM) and concerned staff with their recommendations and advice over the internet.

What is Active Directory Rap?  

Active Directory Rap is a type of directory service for Windows networks. It stores information about objects on the network, such as computers and shared printers. It is an enterprise-level solution for managing and securing your company’s profiles, machines, and other devices. Rap Active Directory was created by Microsoft as a way to help users understand how they can use it in their business. 

What are the benefits of RaaS?

Some of the benefits of RaaS include online delivery with remote assistance of a Microsoft engineer. Assessment results available online allowing easy sharing with IT staff, reassess the feedback, and track the progress.

The clients can also have an offline assessment with utmost secrecy and privacy. The findings are available till the license is valid. The offline tool license is generally valid for one year. The subscribers get the latest and best practice guidelines that are available regularly. The client also gets updates on the new features that are added to the online portal.

The IT team and TAM are allowed access to the results any number of times so that they can collaborate in a better and more effective manner on the feedback received and remedial suggestions being offered.


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