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What is SPINE?

SPINE is a free, feature-rich Content Management System (CMS) for publishing content on intranets and the World Wide Web. It is written in the PERL programming language and is available under the GPL license. It can use the MySQL or Postgre SQL database.

It provides numerous tools that can help the user to shape and refine their 2D animations. The user is able to:

• Administer their site through web forms

• Using the full template support, they can separate style from content

• Adjust timing with dopesheet which provides a detailed view of all the timelines that make up an animation. It also allows the user to make fine adjustments to the animation’s timing

• Use mesh skinning or weights to bend or deform images

• Mix static and dynamic content transparently

• Visualize motion with ghosting

• Create pseudo 3D effects

• Manage any media type through the generation of HTML, CSS, or XML

• Pose characters with inverse kinematics

• Export 2D skeletal animation data

• Pack images into a texture atlas or spritesheets for better rendering in their games 

• Use runtime libraries to load and display animations in their game 

It offers all the common components like macros, message bars, page stats, navigation bars, etc. Its 3.5.00 Beta version was released on September 16, 2016.

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