What is Static Website Hosting?

Static website hosting refers to hosting of static web pages that have fixed content. Using static website hosting, users can establish their online presence by offering information regarding its products and services. This type of web hosting lets you create a site very easily with the help of a domain name. The most unique feature of static web pages is that the content displayed in these will be invariable and constant. Every page will be coded using HTML format. It will therefore show the same content to every user.

Unlike dynamic web pages, these static web pages are much easier to build. This is because they will not need database designs and web programming. They can be easily created by a handful of HTML pages. These are then published to web servers. They have fixed codes and content of the pages will never change until the webmaster manually changes such content and then uploads the edited content. So, static web hosting is ideally suited for the smaller sites. Using it for maintaining the relatively larger websites may be hard because these can contain thousands of web pages. So, the larger sites tend to make use of dynamic web pages which may be conveniently edited and updated by modifying database records. When static sites have many web pages templates are used for designing these. This makes it easier to carry out multiple web page updates simultaneously. It also guarantees a consistency in layout all across the website.

So, businesses which are on the lookout for digital presence through graphic sites can turn towards static website hosting to showcase its products and services. When you sign up for these hosting solutions with reputed web hosting providers, you will be able to create static sites which are also mobile-friendly.

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