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What is Storage Area Network?

Storage Area Network shortened as SAN, which is used to move data between servers and multiple storage devices those are implemented in the servers. SAN is a dedicated network that allows access to the consolidated, block level data storage. The key responsibility of the storage area network is to enhance storage devices such as disk arrays, tape libraries, and other optical jukeboxes which are easily accessible to the servers. Apparently, such storage devices act like locally attached devices to the operating system.

A SAN typically comprised of its own storage network devices that are generally not accessible through LANs by other devices. It is a high speed network storage device that interconnects and permits a host of storage devices to the multiple servers. When a host request to access a storage device on the SAN, it sends out a block request for the storage resources. SANs are exclusively helpful in backup and disaster recovery process. SANs utilizes Fibre Channel technology that permits networks to span longer distances geographically.

SAN is as robust as some of the best cloud storage for business clients. SAN moves the storage off the common network. Thus, SAN is an independent, high-performance network that enables each server to access the shared resources as if it were directly connected to the storage. SAN is assembled using three primary components: bus adapters, host, and cabling. There are some switches as well that connect to servers and storage arrays. The storage arrays that were initially used comprised all hard drives, but the growing propensity towards SSD (solid-state drive) has made the storage arrays more hybrid now.

When a host requests access to the storage, it sends out a request to access the storage device. Once the access has been granted, the binary data is converted into a transmittable optical form. One of the SAN switches receives requests and sends it to the storage processor. This completes the SAN data cycle.

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