What is Textpattern?

When you wish to create any kind of a website, you can make use of the content management system Textpattern. This was created by Dean Allen and has been written in PHP. You can use it for all types of sites including weblogs. The Textpattern is an open source CMS which does not demand much technical expertise. It is flexible and easy to use, and comes with many interesting features and advantages.

Since it is open source, there are millions of web developers working together to make sure that end users can enjoy a rewarding experience when using this CMS. Almost anyone can download this CMS free of cost and use it on their sites. You can get technical supports through many discussion forums. So, whenever you have any technical queries and doubts regarding its functions, you should approach the official forums and take part in those discussions.

The main idea behind designing Textpattern is to ensure that site integrity is maintained. When you use it, you will notice that the web pages are getting displayed faster. Unlike other web-publishing systems, this is not vulnerable to risks. Textpattern is also popular because of the multiple plugins it offers. It is possible to install these and integrate them into the site in a matter of minutes. There are few instances of security risks as far as these plugins is concerned; any smart administrator will verify them carefully before installing them on their websites.

Not only is Textpattern user-friendly, it is also easy to set up. It only needs MySQL and PHP for installation. MySQL is provided by most of the web hosting services which offer shared hosting plans. Therefore, TextPattern can be conveniently installed through web hosts. Besides, Textpattern is also available in as many as 40 languages. With Textpattern, editing a site becomes very easy as you enjoy complete control over the CSS and XHTML. There are many user-friendly plugins and extensions which can be used for increasing functions of websites. It is also possible to password protect articles using Textpattern; this gives you the freedom to choose who can access the site.

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