What is TYPOlight CMS?

TYPOlight is a free CMS or content management system designed for the larger and medium sized websites. This program mainly focuses on back-office accessibility for developers and front-office accessibility for users. It was published by Leo Feyer way back in 2006. TYPOlight is found to be ideally suited for supporting different websites at the same time making it a great solution for the web developers. Using this free CMS, you can create both complex and simple sites having extensive functions.

The TYPOlight CMS had been lauded for being very useful for designers. It allows designers to add events and news or other modules easily. This is an advantage, else; site owners would have to pay developers separately to write PHP scripts. The extensions are user-friendly, allowing you to perform a variety of tasks, some even adding additional usability as CSS text editor. Amongst the many interesting features are the live update feature, multi-lingual documentation feature, accessible XHTML output, multi-language supports, built-in file manager, for generator and search engine, multiple backend themes and backend languages, 100% template-based front end output etc.

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