What Is Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting?

Most businesses when shopping for a new hosting plan are at a loss as to which hosting plan to choose.

Managed dedicated hosting or unmanaged dedicated hosting.

There is no one-size fit answer to this question.

In unmanaged dedicated hosting there is no routine support.

However, unmanaged dedicated servers are not without advantages.

– Customers have the ability to manage their own dedicated server without any assistance from the hosting service.

– The unmanaged dedicated server typically comes with root access, and the vendor loads the clients’ choice of operating systems.

– Clients can install any software and control panels they prefer

– The hosting vendor may even set up their standard configuration which can be cPanel, Apache web server or any other.

– Unmanaged dedicated is significantly cheaper than managed hosting

However, what unmanaged dedicated hosting lacks is proactive monitoring by the hosting service and restart services.

If the client desires proactive response to server issues, which can include uptime monitoring, security monitoring, hardware replacement and booting, a managed dedicated hosting package is necessary.

Moreover, managed dedicated server hosting helps in addressing the following problems.

– If the client is not able to deal with downtime if there is a software problem.

– Client does not have the necessary skill in applying security patches remotely.

– Client prefers unregulated access.

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