What is an online VPN?

VPN, or the Virtual Private Network, connects websites remotely by routing virtual connections through the internet. VPN is often confused with another technical term VPS hosting. VPS hosting is the positioning of data on a VPS server, while VPN means establishing a virtual private connection over the existing public network.

With an online VPN, you do not download any software or application to your computer, and instead, establish a connection through a website.

Why online VPN is a smart choice?

Here are some staunch reasons to support that why one should chose an online VPN over any other plan-

Smooth transition


Seamless transition between locations without having to remember

Constant updates


Online VPN never misses out on any update and 24/7 streaming from any device

Blends right in


One can easily shop online without getting into paying double prices

Unrestricted data


There are no logs and limits to speed across all the screens.


Applications of Online VPN-

–        To access business network while travelling

–        To access home network while travelling

–        To hide browsing activities from your local network and ISP (Internet Service Provider)

–        To access Geo-blocked websites

–        To bypass internet censorship

–        To download protected files

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