What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Monitoring (VDI Monitoring)?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Monitoring (VDI Monitoring) is the method of managing, monitoring, and reviewing the operation and performance of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environment. The process of VDI Monitoring is designed for implementation of troubleshooting, security appraisal, and performance management. VDI Monitoring ensures overall monitoring of virtual desktop infrastructure and makes sure that performance of virtual desktop is up to the mark.

VDI Monitoring involves an intricate and extensive procedure that covers a series of several different processes and methodologies spanning user side of virtual desktop environment as well as IT or computational layer that is further split into hardware and software tiers. A VDI specific monitoring application or a virtual machine monitor is normally used for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Monitoring (VDI Monitoring). A Virtual Desktop Monitor is one such application that facilitates monitoring of VDI components at every layer. The procedure can consist of tracking operational status, user activity, and granular level security of every virtual desktop. It also covers comprehensive utilization of infrastructure and resources for every desktop instance.

There are multiple scenarios that can lead to problems in Virtual Desktop infrastructure. These can be associated with network connection, user experience, user experience, performance, or functionality related issues to name a few.

Due to extreme level of complexity of a virtual desktop, the process of trouble shooting can become overwhelmingly difficult. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Monitoring (VDI Monitoring) tools can provide much needed respite from VDI troubleshooting issues.

Selection of tools for monitoring VDI environment depends upon the nature of problem. Some of these tools are designed to aim at issues arising out from server side and the rest would be focusing on client side. Ideally VDI monitoring should be performed with a broader outlook that involves an integrated view of applications, hardware coupled with network traffic.

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