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What is VirtualBox?

 Virtual Box or VB is a hypervisor for X86 computers from Oracle corporation. It was first developed by Innotek GmbH and released in 2007 as an open source software package. The company was later acquired by Sun Micro Systems in 2008. After that, Oracle has continued the development of Virtual Box since 2010 and the product name is titled as Oracle VM Virtual Box. VirtualBox comes in different flavours depending upon the operating systems for which it is being configured. VirtualBox Ubuntu is more preferred, even though VirtualBox for windows is equally popular. With the advent of android phones VirtualBox for android is becoming the new face of VM in smartphones.

What is the use of Virtual Box?

In general, a Virtual Box is a software virtualization package that can be installed on any operating system as an application software. It allows additional operating systems to be installed on it, as a Guest OS. It can than create and manage free guest virtual machines, each with a guest operating system and its own virtual environment. Virtual Box is being supported by many operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, and Open Solaries. Supported guest operating systems are versions and derivations of Windows, Linux, OS/2, BSD, Haiku, etc.

Which is better VMWare of Virtual Box?

Virtual Box gets a lot of support, primarily because it is free and open-source. It also allows unlimited snapshots – a feature only available in VMWare Pro. VMWare, on the other hand, is great for drag and drop functionality between host and the VM, but many features come only in paid version.

Is Virtual Box safe?

Absolutely. Virtual Box is 100% safe, provided you download it from the official source and not any third-party website. While downloading applications for your phone or computer, always make sure you do so from a trusted online source. The same goes for VirtualBox. However, the application in itself is safe and will not compromise any of your data.

Can VirtualBox get viruses?

Yes. The VM can also get infected with viruses if you run potentially harmful applications without antivirus protection installed on your system. Though, under normal circumstances no malware from the VM will break in to the host or vice versa. There are some advanced malware that do have the ability to travel either sides of VirtualBox, but these malware are not commonly found.

How do I check a VM virus?

You can check a VM virus pretty much the same way you check for viruses on the host computer. Install any antivirus program on your VM, and run a thorough test. When prompted, quarantine or delete any infected program before it affects other programs.

There are so many custom-made versions that users often stumble upon what is the latest version of Virtual Box? It is Virtual Box 6.0 (and later).

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