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What is VirtueMart Hosting?

VirtueMart hosting facilitates users of Joomla hosting to use VirtueMart shopping cart add-on for building online store. Web Hosting providers offering VirtueMart also provide free Joomla and VirtueMart integration with support teams that are expert in handling technical issues of Joomla and VirtueMart. 

VirtueMart is installed on Joomla website by providing proper PHP support and the latest MySQL version for faster handling of requests.

VirtueMart is an open source e-commerce plug-in that is exclusively designed for Joomla websites and written in PHP scripting language. Due to the open source nature of VirtueMart, there is no capping on use of wide array of essential features including pages, categories, customer accounts, and so forth.

Customers of online stores can get access to multiple features such as native language greetings, single click install, multi-media product descriptions, and choice of currencies, just to name a few.

VirtueMart is loaded with features to help hassle free running of ecommerce ventures. These are short and long product descriptions, product features, product dimensions, nested product categories, inventory control with virtual stock, customization of shipping, and order history of customers.

Customers of ecommerce shops are also provided with address books and facility of default address of shipping, facility of anonymous checkout and lot more. VirtueMart may be offered as part of Joomla hosting or can be availed separately. However, one should remember that Joomla is the prerequisite for availing VirtueMart. Therefore, it would be advisable to confirm with the web hosting service provider before finalizing typical web hosting plans.



1.      What is VirtueMart?

-         VirtueMart is an open source e-commerce solution that is designed as an extension of the Mambo or Joomla. This is a free plugin that enables Joomla Content Management System to become serviceable and powerful open source e-commerce solution.

2.      What is the best VirtueMart hosting?

-         VirtueMart hosting is very essential for your online business. Your VirtueMart hosting provider should one which is secure and reliable at the same time as e-commerce websites have to deal with large transactions and high traffic at maximum times of the year. Go4hosting VirtueMart hosting caters all the required properties and go an extra mile by providing inventory control and keeping a record of the customer history.

3.      What are the advantages of Go4hodting VirtueMart hosting?

-         Apart from supporting your e-commerce websites, there are many other advantages that it stores in. Let’s delve into those advantages without wasting any further time-

a.      Free domain name for lifetime

b.      Multiple domains hosted at the same time

c.      99% server uptime guaranteed

d.      Money back guarantee if not provided with the promised services

e.      27/7 technical support specially for VirtueMart hosting

4.      Why is VirtueMart hosting better than e-commerce hosting solutions?

-         VirtueMart hosting is any time better than any other e-commerce hosting solutions-

a.      Easy installation- Installation is easy and automatic for both Joomla and VirtueMart extensions

b.      Easy integration- The shopping cart can be very easily integrated with other Joomla extensions.

c.      Multiple templates- The VirtueMart platform provides you more number of options for templates.

d.      High Expandability- VirtueMart hosting platform also offer more options for extensive content. 

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