What is White Label Hosting?

White Label Hosting is popularly known as reseller hosting.  White Label Hosting allows one to sell another hosting company servers, hosting services, bandwidth etc to a user assuming these are the seller’s own company or property.

White Label Hosting allows one to build his/her own hosting company. It can also be a very profitable Add on to his existing business of hosting. White Label Hoisting offers the opportunity to anyone who is interested to sell hosting services. It is a very versatile service. White Label Hosting provides a trouble free hosting service selling business opening by making hosting selling easy. White Label Hosting takes care of every technical requirement during hosting selling, such as, management and maintenance of server to make the job easy for the cloud hosting seller.

White Label Hosting is a great advantage to a website developer and designers also. It makes hosting of client’s websites easy with the help of cPanel control, without any hosting packages.

White label hosting is of great help to business personnel who wish to start their hosting agencies or their own hosting service.

Is white labelling legal?

Yes, unless the service level agreement exclusively states that you may not white label, white labelling is entirely legal. Some contracts may allow you to white list and rebrand products against some royalty to be paid to the original owner. Do check with the hosting provider if there is any such clause and negotiate your terms.

Who will be responsible for support on white label hosting?

Since the servers are entirely hosted on your name, you are as much responsible for support as is the original provider. Note that you should be able to solve consumer complaints at your own end and connect with the host on your own.

Advantages of White Label Hosting  

White label hosting is a great way to expand the existing business of web development or hosting agency.

  • It helps by expanding the existing business making hosting service providing an in house service.
  • It enables the business personnel to provide a complete hosting package to its customers, reaping higher profits.
  • It helps in establishing better customer relationship by providing them with continuous quality service.
  • White label hosting helps in growing the bottom line of business. Offering hosting service opens businesses that attract recurrent payment options.  This help increase in revenue generation and monthly turnover.
  • White Label Hosting offers, integration of billing software for easy billing, allotting private name servers to customers, high scalability, integration of email and domain with user friendly control panels.

White Label Hosting is the best option when one wants to expand his existing business or start a fresh one.

Which server should you buy to become a white label reseller?

You can start with any server or service and white label your products. Linux servers are said to be the most profitable and are hugely popular among the host.

How do I become a White Label Reseller?

Step 1 – Choose a host you want to start dealing with while reselling.

Step 2 – Do not buy the cheapest plan. Cheap plans are not necessarily the best. They may compromise the quality and make you lose your customer base.

Step 3 – Adopt a corporate billing system for White Label Hosting.

Step 4 – Provide great support to clients. While you can still rely on the original host’s support, it is recommended you setup your own support for White Label Hosting.

Step 5 – Have private nameservers. Having the same nameservers as the original host can raise suspicion no matter how legit you appear.

Is White Label Reselling profitable?

White label hosting or the reseller hosting is extremely profitable. There are two ways in which you can utilize white label hosting –

Integrate it with one of your own products and sell the complete package

For example, if you run a web development company, you can create websites for clients, combine it with White Label reselling and deliver the complete package to the customer as a single project.

Only sell hosting service

If you already have a name in the marketplace but have not fully started with hosting business, you could buy hosting service in bulk from a reliable host, customize the hosting as to what your clients want, sell the hosting and squeeze some profit out of it.

While it might not seem like too much profitable, there is immense scope to break in to other IT services once you have garnered fame with White Label hosting. A lot of providers today are but resellers, having bought plans from some host themselves.


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