What is WHM?

WHM stands for ‘Web Host Manager’ and is designed to enable robust access to backend of control panels. This simple to use program empowers users with seamless administrative access to their virtual private servers or dedicated servers.

WHM is always used in association with cPanel and users can perform many actions including:

– Addition or removal of e-mail accounts
– MySQL database administration
– Account hosting
– cPanel maintenance

WHM access is restricted to VPS and dedicated servers only, and not to shared hosting users. Accounts that are using Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers having root access to server can get root WHM. Root WHM is not offered to resellers.

Unique attributes of WHM

Irrespective of the type and size and number of websites, users can enjoy excellent flexibility and superior control for unmatched website management. You can build and manage number of cPanels for positioning multiple business specific websites.

Ability to manage and control multiple accounts on different cPanels facilitates processing of credit cards because you can have individual IP address for every cPanel.

Hackers cannot access other websites if one of your sites is under attack. WHM allows you to upgrade band-with as well as disk space in response to growing popularity of your website.

WHM empowers users with enhanced privacy in terms of attachment of various accounts to single WHM. Configuration of customer care requests is easy with WHM empowered cPanels.

With access to WHM, users are able to resell their hosting accounts by creating multiple cPanel accounts. It is also easy to define maximum number of permissible addon domains for individual accounts.

Ability to create multiple cPanel accounts on dedicated or VPS server provides clients with ease of access to individual cPanel through dedicated login. They can create multiple email accounts and can have impressive suite of tools at their disposal.

Attributes of root and reseller WHM

WHM with root access facility benefits users in many ways. It offers easy access DNS zones of all domains. Users of WHM can use sophisticated tools that allow ease of creation, deletion, or suspension of cPanel accounts.

These tools also empower users in terms of management and monitoring of sites including resetting of passwords. Customization of Control Panel as well as hosting is very easy and users are at liberty of changing usernames or domain names.

Hosts can use WHM for reselling hosting accounts due ease of creating multiple cPanel accounts. Although reseller WHM offers tools for customization of hosting, control panels, and management of sites, there are certain limitations such as lack of ability of IP address assignment, change of primary user name and so forth.

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