What is WHMCS?

In Simple terms WHMCS is short form of ‘Web Host Manager Complete Solution’. It is reckoned as high end web hosting automation platform for comprehensive customer management specially designed for reseller hosts.

Cost saving through automated billing

As a reseller host WHMCS lets you handle critical functions of billing and requests for tickets effortlessly. The sophisticated program is also able to handle wide array of payment gateways and multiple currencies. WHMCS facilitates creation of sales promotion campaigns is a truly a one stop solution for billing and overall customer management.

This sophisticated WHM plug-in empowers users with firm control at every step and provides broad range of support functionalities. Following are some of the salient features of WHMCS client management system.

One can use WHMCS services not only for web hosting but also extend further for graphic design or web development.

In a nutshell, WHMCS platform offers following advantages to reseller hosts:

– Client support
– Billing functions
– Managing sign-ups

Salient aspects of WHMCS

Customers can enjoy premium features including ease of login to their account and viewing their purchase history. They can easily place orders for upgrades or add-ons, and so forth. Better domain management is possible by viewing history of domain purchases.

WHMCS platform ensures efficient management of client queries through auto answer suggestions. Reseller hosts can design their unique server packages and secure their business by using fraud protection features.

High end automation facilitates suspension of account in the event of payment default. Users are also able to create payment reminders and payment follow-up notices. The program also enables charging of late fees in the event of overdue payment.

Support for automated payment processing is not just restricted to certain gateways but is also extended to other modes of payments including manual entry of payments through checks and other modes of money transfers.

There are many security measures offered by WHMCS to clients. These include automatic banning of IP following failed attempts of login and passing on the information to hosts.

Admin area as well as writable directories can be moved for greater security. WHMCS uses secured encrypting for critical data including credit cards and passwords.

Data security is of utmost importance and WHMCS platform offers automated backup of database to protect clients’ data. In order to accommodate larger client base the multi language support feature is highly useful.

By automating major and the most critical portion of your online business WHMCS helps users efficiently focus on their web hosting activities. Migration of your existing billing system can be performed easily with scripts for automated migration.

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