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What is Wolf CMS?

Wolf CMS is an open source Content Management System (CMS). It is a free software program that's published under the GNU General Public License.

It comes in two package formats. The user can download either the stable or release candidates, when available. For the most cutting-edge version, the most recent code is always available for the user at GitHub.

For db, it uses MySQL, SQLite, or PostgreSQL. It has a simple drag and drop page hierarchy. While it assumes that the user uses the Apache HTTP server by default, it is known to work on Nginx, Zeus, Hiawatha, Lighttpd, and Cherokee servers as well.

It is written in the PHP programming language and is an easily extended CMS on the back of its plugin system. Some of these, called core plugins, are available with the default installation.

Some of these are:

Page not found – this allows the users to customize their "Page not found" page.

Statistics – this one tracks the visitor information to provide stats related to a website.

File manager – this is a simple file manager that provides a web interface for a public directory.

Comments – this one is for the commenting functionality.

There are several more. In 2010, its code repository was moved from Google Code to GitHub.

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