What is YUI Hosting?

The YUI library is a complete set of controls and utilities written with CSS and JavaScript for building a website that is richly interactive utilizing techniques like DHTML, DOM scripting as well as AJAX. YUI is free for all users under the BSD license. It is fast, reliable, scalable as well as robust enough. It is carefully built by frontline engineers at Yahoo and enjoys contributors from all across the world. It is specifically for those who prefer javascript.

Cloud hosting companies of repute provide YUI hosting which makes life easier for companies looking at maximizing the impact of a hosting plan. When choosing one you need to select the services of a company that provides:

Round the clock support for catering to your hosting needs. You need maximum uptime from your hosting plan provider so that you can cash in on your online presence to the maximum.

A reliable hosting infrastructure to fall back on.

A reliable package for hosting that gradually grows on you. So, you should be able to move from shared to virtual private hosting to dedicated hosting in no time.

Hosting plans should be used to your benefit. And YUI hosting provides a host of them.

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