How can the setup of complete Amazon EFS File Must Sync between two EFS file systems?


Here you can keep two separate files of Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) file systems in complete synchronization. Or actually I require migrating my files of Amazon EFS system for one or two separate reasons:

– Here you can change from a General Purpose files to Max I/O performance mode of the system.
– Here you are required to use encryption mode.
– Here you just need to move the complete file system to another area of AWS Region.

How can I create a completely working and running Amazon EFS File Synchronization among the two functioning EFS file systems so as to do AWS migration and then copying data between them?

Resolution Provided:

The EFS File Synchronization actually migrates between your data files and keeps itself in complete synchronization up till the time complete data files are moved over.

For having the complete instruction of how the complete creation of the EFS File Sync is done completely between the EFS file systems.

The synchronized files have completed a File System that works well with the Amazon EC2 to have well managed Amazon EFS by using EFS File Sync.

Caution: The complete working and sizes of the running source files in the system get affected by the time it takes for synching with the complete usage of burst credits working on the managed file system.

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