How to create a custom 404 page in WordPress?

The 404 error page is a standard response code a server returns when it cannot locate the requested page. When a page on your WordPress website is missing or broken, a custom 404 page is essential to ensure your visitors don’t leave your website. 

With a custom 404 page, you can direct visitors to other useful pages on your website or provide relevant information about the error. A WordPress 404 page can be customized, as discussed in this article.

Steps to create a custom 404 page in WordPress:

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Appearance > Theme Editor.

Step 2:Click on the “404.php” file in the Theme Editor to edit it. If you don’t have a 404.php file, you can create one by clicking the “Add New File” button and naming it “404.php”.

Step 3: Once you have opened the 404.php file, you can customize it according to your needs. You can add a custom message, image, or link to other relevant pages on your website.

Step 4: You can also use WordPress plugins like 404page or Custom 404 Pro to create a custom 404 page without editing the code. These plugins allow you to create a custom 404 page using a drag-and-drop interface.

Step 5: After customizing the 404 page, save the changes and preview the page to check if everything works correctly.

Step 6: Finally, set the custom 404 page as the default 404 page on your website. You can use a plugin like 404page or edit your .htaccess file to do this. If you use the 404-page plugin, go to Settings > 404 Error Page to set the custom 404 page as the default.

Following these steps, you can create a custom 404 page in WordPress and ensure that your visitors have a better experience on your website, even when they encounter a missing or broken page.


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