How can you rectify the situation wherein you wanted to join an organization but an error came up stating that you can only join the organization, only where the Seller of Record is same as your account?


Here initially you must enable the functioning of your AWS Organization for management of your account completely. Now here you can manage the functions your AWS accounts for your own organization.

You can easily Enable AWS Organizations for your account:

1. You just need to open the AWS Management Console, and choose your account name from the navigation bar.
2. Then choose option from the My Organization.
3. After this you can choose Create Organization.
4. Here you need to choose the Enable all features or you can easily choose the option by clicking on Enable only marked with consolidated billing.
5. For getting more information regarding the same you can easily view the Available feature sets functioning for the AWS Organizations Terminology and related Concepts.
6. After the choice of option is done, you can easily choose the feature functioning set for your organization.
7. After this you can easily select the choose Create option.

You can Add the accounts to your organization working:

After you have created your organization, you can go for either creating a new account name or you can easily select the existing AWS account. Here the member of the account operating in your organization is working. Here you can apply the service control policies (SCPs) to the functioning of any account with in your organization for managing each of the accounts to have completely accessed level of security and permissions for functioning.

With Go4hosting in line with the Amazon web service has the capability which helps in achieving the maximum business target. It offers a highly innovative network protection method for the managed client base.

The usage of AWS Organizations for managing, administering and payment of their business bills for other AWS accounts services deals in a service experience that has an enhanced business share for securing the data confidentiality on daily basis. Go4hosting develops a completely customized solution for achieving the business targets on time.

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