How to Choose Cloud Hosting as per Needs?

Choosing the right cloud hosting provider can be a big challenge for all.

What are the Different Types of Cloud Hosting?

There are three types of cloud hosting solution particularly –

Public cloud
– Private cloud
– Hybrid cloud
– Virtual Private Cloud

How to Choose Cloud VPS?

A very popular hosting is the Virtual Private Cloud server, where the users get root access and therefore can manage the server just like a dedicated server. The only difference from the dedicated server is in the fact that the same is administered by the service provider.

Purpose/Need: You can use this virtualized hosting solution in either hosting small e-commerce websites or developing applications. If you have a new but growing business, Cloud VPS can be the perfect solution because it gives you value for money.

How to Choose Public Cloud?

Public cloud works through a network of physical servers and you can deploy dozens of VPSs in just minutes. It can be compared with that of the shared hosting solution of machine server hosting.

Purpose/Need: It is best suited for –

– processing large scale data

– High-Performance calculation

– Streaming or even hosting bigger e-commerce websites

With the facility of fast deployment, it becomes easier for businesses to deal with traffic surges. In fact, high availability is another reason why public cloud is preferred. Pay as you go model of payment makes it that more popular.

How to Choose Private Cloud?

Large companies and enterprises need a secure environment of their data and the information transferred online. They are costly solutions but provide users with high level of data security. They are costly because of the dedicated nature of the hosting type.

How to Choose Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid clouds are best for businesses of small to medium size who wants to save money but also wants to check out the benefits offered by private cloud. In most cases, the users perform complex data processing and other works needing secured work on the private cloud. Other normal works are processed at public cloud.

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