How to login Cloud Server via SSH?

Most cloud servers these days use either 2-F authentication or SSH to ensure only the legitimate users get past the secure access gateways. SSH, the more popular one of the two, is a network protocol by which you can connect to a remote computer (cloud server) using the command-line interface. 

How to use SSH to login?

Cloud Server

SSH uses a cryptography structure for authentication as well as the work session and hence is preferable in comparison to the other protocols that are available in remote administration Linux/Unix systems. Even though both command line and GUI logins can be done with SSH keys, it is recommended that you choose the GUI method on account of its ease.

Here’s how you can access your cloud server with the assigned SSH keys:

  1. On a Linux System

You must login to your Go4hosting account using the Putty SSH client. To connect to the cloud server with a Linux operating system you just need to use the SSH command and enter your Hostname or IP address of the cloud server. The system will prompt you to enter the password to authenticate access to your system. 

You can only perform SSH commands once you are inside the server.

  1. On a Windows OS

To connect to the cloud systems on a Windows OS, you should have a pre-configured client like OpenSSH, WinSCP, or PuTTY. 

PuTTY is recommended.

Run PuTTY in the “Session” and configure the hostname/IP address with the Public IP associated with the cloud storage/server. 

Click on “Open” to create a new window with a command-line interface. You must log in with root prompt enabled.

Next, enter your password. Once the system has authenticated your credentials and recognized your user, you will be asked to perform the required SSH commands.

Execute the required code in the command line and wait for the system to authenticate your cloud login via the SSH (Secure Shell).

You should be able to see the cloud server unlock all the previously locked functions. This is it, you have successfully logged in using Secure Shell.

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