How to Access Database on a Dedicated Server?

All the MySQL databases are stored on separate machines in the shared and VPS hosting plans while on a dedicated server the databased is housed locally. This enables you to have root access to configure and modify your MySQL database while on a dedicated machine. You can easily manage your Go4hosting panel.

Once you log in to your Go4hosting control panel, move to Panel>Goodies> MySQL databases page. You may create a new database, delete a database here. To manage your MySQL database, follow the same process.

If you have the technical capabilities and wish to go further than what the panel allows you, you should use the UNIX Shell and with the Shell user login to your dedicated server. Go4hosting allows Shell access to all the customers but you must explicitly enable for each user that you add. To create a new user with shell access, go to your Panel > users> Manage Users. Click on Add User which you may find on the top right corner. Click on the login via SSH option. Create a Username and a strong password. Reconfirm the password and click on Add User button.

You may be hosting on a VPS or shared server and want to upgrade to a dedicated server. When you upgrade, Go4hosting will assist you to migrate all your MySQL database to the new dedicated server. Similarly, if you wish to downgrade you may contact the support team of Go4hosting.

You may also access your MySQL database remotely. Login to your server WHM. Enable the port3306 in the firewall of the server. You should allow the IP address of the remote server in the control panel of the domain. Click on the Firewall configuration option and enable port 3306 in both TCP_IN and TCP_ Out. Click on change and restart firewall. This will enable you to connect to the remote database from your server.

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