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How do I give my computer a static local IP address

You can assign a static IP address to your computer in different ways. In case, you are using a router to share your Internet connection with more than one computer in your home, or to attain wireless Internet access (WiFi), congratulations! Your computers are safe and secure from quite a lot of common threats. Because of the reason that other computers on the Internet can't directly connect to your computers, as the router won't permit them to do so.

Normally this is great, however in case you want to host a website at home or host BitTorrent downloads at home, then chances are you might find it bit tricky and troublesome. In such scenarios, you might have to allow other people to connect to your computer for those resolutions only, evidently.

Have a quick glance at key steps to configure a Static IP Address in Windows:

Firstly, you have to log on to Windows using an account with computer administrator to complete the following steps as mentioned below:

To set up your static IP address:

     - Click the Start button.
     - Now type- Control panel
     - Once you type, results will appear and change. After that select Control Panel!
     - Proceed to click the Network and Internet link.
     - Click the Network and Sharing Center link.
     - Click the Change adapter settings link.
     - Now right-click the Local Area Connection icon.

    Note: In case, your local area connection is not noticeable, you may have to configure your Ethernet card. For further assistance, you can refer to your computer's documentation or contact your computer's vendor for instructions.

     - From the drop-down list, select Properties.
     - Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).
     - Click the Properties button.
     - Select the Use the following IP address, Radio button.
     - In the IP address: text box, type your IP address.
     - In the Subnet mask: text box, type your subnet masks.
     - In the Default gateway: text box, type your default gateway.
     - Select the Use the following DNS server addresses: radio button.
     - Set your DNS Server search order.

    Note: If your computer be in a different domain, we would advise you to get in touch with your domain's administrator for the applicable settings.

     - Click the Advanced button.
     - Select the WINS tab.
     - Click the Add button.
     - In the WINS server: text box, type:
     - Click the Add button.
     - Click the Add button.
     - In the WINS server: text box, type:
     - Click the Add button.
     - Click OK.
     - Restart your computer.


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