How do I transfer my domain to a new registrar

The complete procedure to transfer your domain account from one registrar to another depends on your new registrar to some extents. To shift your domain account to a new registrar you need to consider the following things:

– Inform your administrative contact that you are moving your domain account, and validate before hand that your administrative contact information is valid. If you are moving your domain name to a different registrar, you must validate that the email linked with your registrant contact is right. For more information, you can check simply by updating Your Domain Name Contact Information.

– If applicable, revoke your Protected Registration or DBP Private Registration. For more information, you can check option Canceling Protected Registration or Canceling Private Registration for Your Domain Names.

– Unlock your domain name. You can look for option Locking and Unlocking Your Domain Names for further information.

– Most importantly, do check with your new registrar that you get an authorization code. (Some domain name extensions do not need this code.) If you require an authorization code, then go through an Authorization Code to Transfer Your Domain Name.

– Now you can start with the domain name transfer at your new registrar. For this youmay have to consult the other registrar’s Help or support for explicit instructions.

– Approve the transfer in your account with the new registrar.

– The registry informs your existing service provider, and then they will accordingly email you instructions to complete the transfer process. In case, you don’t accept or deny the transfer request in your account within the specified time frame provided by the service provider. The moment you send your approval they will automatically complete your transfer process. For more information, on the same you can check the option Accept or Decline a Transfer to Another Registrar.

– The registry will inform your new registrar about the transfer acceptance or rejection.

– Your existing service provider will then send across an email regarding the completion of transfer process once it is done from their end. However, the transfer process between registrars usually takes around five to seven days to complete once you authorize it.

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