How to Achieve Capability of a Resilient DNS Infrastructure

With significant strides in technology advancement, the days of enterprises operating single data center facility in their premises are long over. This is also an essential requirement to protect business critical data from unplanned outages and other disasters in addition to maintain incessant availability of the organization’s online presence.

Growing expansion of data center facilities across different countries for greater ability to reach overseas clients has underlined need for more resilient and significantly distributed DNS on the same lines as your content.

Modern providers of DNS have addressed this issue by putting in place extremely resilient networks backed by several any cast groups and a large number of servers that are positioned at different globally dispersed locations.

However, these facilities need to be secured from possibilities of DDoS attacks, unplanned outages, and other incidents of impairments. This calls for setting up an additional provider to host enterprise’s DNS records. However this option suffers from multiple issues.

Therefore it is important to search for other alternatives such as leveraging dedicated DNS solutions for positioning virtual or physical servers at places of your choice. These can be used as sully managed DNS delivery nodes by installing DNS software stacks. Such an arrangement offers benefit of using a framework that helps you experience resilience of two DNS providers that are fully manageable via an API and a single portal.

The DNS nodes can continue to serve DNS infrastructure without any hassles even if any disruptive events occur. In addition to being authoritative DNS servers, the dedicated DNS nodes also facilitate recursion. You can expect to cater to all your requirements of DNS operations by pointing all clients including servers, EC2 instances, and laptops at these DNS servers. You can even elevate performance, resiliency and failover by using capabilities of Advanced Filter Chain so that your traffic is intelligently directed within data centers.

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